About PHP Training

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

  • PHP can generate dynamic page content
  • PHP can create, open, read, write, and close files on the server
  • PHP can send and receive cookies
  • PHP can add, delete, modify data in your database
  • PHP can restrict users to access some pages on your website
  • PHP can encrypt data
  • PHP can collect form data

  • With PHP you are not limited to output HTML. You can output images, PDF files, and even Flash movies. You can also output any text, such as XHTML and XML.

    PHP Training Course Prerequisite
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascripts

    • PHP Training Course Objective
    • PHP runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)
    • PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)
    • PHP is free. Download it from the official PHP resource:
    • PHP is easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server side
    • PHP has support for a wide range of databases

    • PHP Training Course Overview
      An Introduction to PHP
      PHP Basics
      • History of PHP
      • Versions and Differences between them
      • Practicality
      • Power
      • Installation and configuring Apache and PHP

      • Default Syntax
      • Styles of PHP Tags
      • Comments in PHP
      • Output functions in PHP
      • Datatypes in PHP
      • Configuration SettingsP
      • Error Types

      Variables in PHP
      Constants in PHP
      • Variable Declarations
      • Variable Scope
      • PHP's Superglobal Variables
      • Variable Variables

      • Magic Constants
      • Standard Pre-defined Constants
      • Core Pre-difined Languages
      • User defined Constants

      Control Structures
    • Execution Control Statements
    • Conditional Statements
    • Looping Statements whith Realtime Examples
    • What is an Array?
    • How to create an Array
    • Traversing Arrays
    • Array Functions
    • Include Functions
      Regular Expressions
    • Include, Include_once
    • Require, Require_once
    • Validating textboxes,emails,phone number,etc
    • Creating custom regular expressions
    • Object Oriented Programming in PHP
      PHP with MySQL
    • Classes, Objects, Fields, Properties, _set(), Constants, Methods
    • Encaptulation
    • Inheritance and types
    • Polymorphism
    • Constructor and Destructor
    • Static Class Members, Instance of Keyword, Helper Functions
    • Object Cloning and Copy
    • Reflections
    • What is MySQL
    • Integration with MySQL
    • MySQL functions
    • Gmail Data Grid options
    • SQL Injection
    • Uploading and downloading images in Database
    • Registration and Login forms with validations
    • Pageing,Sorting,...
    • Strings and Regular Expressions
      Working with the Files and Operating System
    • Declarations styles of String Variables
    • String Functions
    • Regular Expression Syntax(POSIX)
    • PHP's Regular Expression Functions(POSIX Extended)
    • File Functions
    • Open, Create and Delete files
    • Create Directories and Manipulate them
    • Information about Hard Disk
    • Directory Functions
    • Calculating File, Directory and Disk Sizes
    • Error and Exception Handling
    • Error Logging
    • Configuration Directives
    • PHP's Exception Class
    • Throw New Exception
    • Custom Exceptions

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